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Ralph Northam, Governor

Ralph Northam, Lt. Governor

Jennifer Wexton, Congress

Andrew Sneathern, Congress

Vangie Williams, Congress

Tom Hicks, Congress

John Suddarth, Congress

Peter Volosin, Congress

Dan Ward, Congress

Jane Dittmar, Congress

Krystal Ball, Congress

Charniele Herring, Congress

Jack Trammell, Congress

Norm Mosher, Congress

Wayne Powell, Congress

Anthony Flaccavento, Congress

Kristin Cabral, Congress

Ben Hudson, Congress

Elliott Fausz, Congress

Ralph Northam, State Senate

Lynwood Lewis, State Senate

Henry Marsh, State Senate

Bert Dodson, State Senate

Libby Garvey, State Senate

Traci Dippert, State Senate

Monty Mason, Delegate

Robin Abbott, Delegate

Wendy Gooditis, Delegate

Gary West, Delegate

Hannah Risheq, Delegate

Eric Clingan, Delegate

Zack Wittkamp, Delegate

Willie Randall, Delegate

Susan Hippen, Delegate

Janet Oleszek, Board of Supervisors



Abdul El-Sayed, Governor

Dana Nessel, Attorney General

Andy Levin, Congress

Horace Sheffield III, Congress


Patrick Murphy, Congress

Ges Selmont, Congress

Andrew Learned, Congress

David Holden, Congress

Wes Neuman, Congress

Gabriel Rothblatt, Congress

Morgan Bentley, State Senate

Phil Moore, State Rep


Jason Kander, Secretary of State

John Messmer, Congress

Gordon Christensen, Congress


Scott Brion, Congress

Mike Waltner, Congress


Joe Pakootas, Congress


Margie Wakefield, Congress


Kenneth Sanders, Congress

New Jersey

Mikie Sherrill, Congress

Upendra Chivukula, Congress

Camille Abate, Congress


Hans Keirstead, Congress

Brian Forde, Congress

Marcus Musante, Congress

New York

Katie Wilson, Congress

Eddie Sundquist, Congress

Aaron Gladd, State Senate

Jeremy Cooney, State Senate

Christine Pellegrino, State Assembly


Bill Frick, Attorney General

Chris Hearsey, Congress

Will Jawando, Congress

Jim Ireton, Congress

Andrew Duck, Congress

Will Smith, Delegate


Ravi Patel, Congress

Anesa Kajtazovic, Congress


James Fields, Lt. Governor


Jim Reese, Congress

Beth Liston, State Rep


Anita Malik, Congress

Joan Greene, Congress

Mary Matiella, Congress

West Virginia

John Perdue, Governor

Richard Ojeda, Congress

Kendra Fershee, Congress

Matt Detch, Congress

Harvey Payton, Congress

North Carolina

David Wilson Brown, Congress

Andy Millard, Congress

Curtis Osborne, Congress

South Carolina

Will Morin, Congress


Daniel Grossburg, State Treasurer

Seth Hall, Congress

Ron Leach, Congress


Abel Tapia, Congress


Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Congress


Duffy Blackburn, State Comptroller

Nancy Schiavone, State Representative